PTI is an experienced applicator of the Skidabrader™1 surface texturing process, which, when performed prior to application of the Reclamite®2 rejuvenator, improves skid resistance and macrotexture.

Skidabrader surface texturing prior to Reclamite application and Reclamite application after Skidabrader resurfacing

The process is completely dry and dust-free, requiring no clean up and leaving behind a textured surface that is extremely receptive to vehicular tire adhesion. The co-efficient of friction is distributed longitudinally and transversely for a uniform surface. The treated pavement provides efficient drainage and a quiet ride.

Tested and Proven

  • Wet weather friction capability is measured using an ASTM E 274 test unit.
  • Hydroplaning characteristics correlate to macro texture, which is measured using an Outflow Meter, and/or with ASTM E-524 bald tire testing.
  • Wet and dry weather surface friction correlates to micro texture, which is measured using ASTM E 501 treaded tire testing.
  1. Skidabrader™ is a trademark of Skidabrader
  2. Reclamite® is a registered trademark of Ergon, Inc.