Litho1000Ti ® pollution-reducing concrete sealer / hardener waterproofs and restores aging and newer concrete, sealing it against chloride ion penetration, deicing salts, sea-water environments and freeze/thaw cycling, while improving its durability and reducing vehicular exhaust pollutants. Its air-purifying surface perpetually regenerates itself throughout the life of the concrete, resisting weathering, stain and traffic-related wear while contributing to compliance with U.S. EPA’s stringent new National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS).

Litho1000Ti pollution-reducing concrete sealer / hardener is the ideal solution for road engineers and administrators seeking to optimize concrete pavement sustainability through service life extension and aggressive exhaust-pollution reduction.

Tested and Proven

Durability and Performance of Titanium Dioxide in Photocatalytic Pavements

Evaluation of Titanium Dioxide as a Photocatalyst for Removing Air Pollutants

The “Laboratory Investigation of the Effect of TiO2 Topical Treatments on Concrete and Asphalt Samples,” conducted by Texas A&M Transportation Institute, examines the effectiveness of PTI’s titanuim-oxide-enhanced chemistries, is now complete. This study offers a general overview of the application of titanium dioxide (TiO2) to concrete and asphalt surfaces to impart air pollution remediation properties. It is available upon request.