Our Mission

To discover, distribute and apply environmentally responsible technologies that extend the longevity and performance of asphalt and concrete roads, highways, bridges and runways.

Our Core Values

  • Real Science
  • Definitive Testing
  • Rigorous Specifications
  • Kept Commitments
  • Real Results

Our History

Fritz Rostler developed the Maltene Replacement Technology (MRT) to restore petroleum maltenes to aging asphalt

When Colin Durante heard about Fritz Rostler’s maltene research back in 1971, and the Reclamite®1 road preservation technology based upon it, he established an East-of-the-Mississippi distributor relationship with the product’s original manufacturer, Witco Corporation. By 1972, Pavement Technology, Inc. was formally founded in Cleveland, Ohio, with Reclamite asphalt rejuvenator as its flagship product. We continue to be a principal distributor and applicator for its current owner, Ergon, Inc., revitalizing thousands of miles of roadways, bridges, and airports with Reclamite rejuvenator each year.

In 1992, Colin invested in a Mansfield, Ohio-based manufacturing operation, D & D Emulsions Inc.  Through this joint-venture, we have been manufacturing the Reclamite technology in strict adherence to its original specifications for over half a century.

Our collaboration with D&D Emulsions immediately gave us access to a suite of Golden Bear Products, now owned by Tricor Refining, LLC, an Ergon company. A few years later, road maintenance and preservation materials from DAI Emulsion Inc. became part of our portfolio through our joint venture with D&D.

Most recently, Colin began collaborating with Delbert Dawson of D&D Emulsions on developing our own proprietary materials and technologies. First out the door was JOINTBOND® asphalt joint stabilizer, which is successfully being applied to roadways across America.

After extensive research, testing and development, in 2017 we launched a series of products based on another patented technology. The PlusTi™ family of Photo Catalytic Technology solutions are unique preservation materials using titanium dioxide to transform asphalt and concrete roadways into allies in America’s fight to reduce air pollution related to vehicular emissions.

Today, PTI is leveraging our experience and knowledge of asphalt and concrete maintenance and preservation towards the development, distribution and application of sustainable, life-extending solutions that improve the lives of the communities we serve.

Asphalt Preservation Company Distribution

Our proprietary technologies, JOINTBOND® longitudinal joint stabilizer and the PlusTi™ family of Photo Catalytic Technology solutions, which includes A.R.A.-1 Ti® pollution- and heat-reducing asphalt rejuvenator, Litho1000Ti® pollution- and heat-reducing concrete sealer/hardener, JOINTBONDTi ® emissivity-reducing water-dissipating longitudinal joint stabilizer and Ti-Intro CME® all-purpose pollution- and heat-reducing penetrant are distributed across the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii.

As an asphalt preservation company, Pavement Technology, Inc. applies many but not all of the technologies we sell, including Reclamite® asphalt rejuvenator. From a geographical perspective, the majority of our application work is performed East of the Mississippi, but we’ve gone as far afield as the Azores on occasion, so don’t be shy about querying us. If we cannot perform the work ourselves, our home office will happily guide you to an approved distributor in your area, along with a reliable source for technical assistance.

To request contact information for your local representative, email info@pavetechinc.com or call 1-800-333-6309, or fill out our contact form

  1. RECLAMITE® is a registered trademark of Ergon, Inc.