As a pavement preservation pioneer, Pavement Technology, Inc. has extensive expertise with the best ways to extend the lifespan and improve their performance of roads, highways, bridges and airport runways. 

Bringing Maltene Replacement Technology (MRT) to the public works sector is the cornerstone competency on which our company is built. We also introduced America’s first titanium-dioxide-enriched asphalt rejuvenation product to assist public works professionals and contractors concerned about reducing emisison-related pollutants, mitigating Urban Heat Island effect, accelerating surface water dispersion, reducing vehicle-generated microplastics, and extending roadway life.

Using Reclamite® asphalt rejuvenator, the original MRT, restores and preserves asphalt durability. Through the innovative research conducted by Witco Corporation’s Fritz  Rostler, Reclamite rejuvenator enables asphalt pavements to recover the reactive maltene components lost due to the high temperatures used in asphalt product and subsequent field aging related to oxidation and weathering. Reclamite rejuvenator penetrates the surface and guards against air and water intrusions while also regenerating the asphalt surface. 

We have been perfecting the application of this technology in real-world conditions since 1972, contributing significantly to the commercialization of this asphalt rejuvenator.  

Our PlusTiTM A.R.A.-1 Ti® asphalt rejuvenator / sealer gives road departments the added benefits of Photo Catalytic Technology (PCT).  
As America’s first TiO2 photocatalytic rejuvenator/sealer for asphalt roadways, PlusTiTM A.R.A.-1 Ti® combines Maltene Replacement Technology (MRT) to revitalize and seal aging asphalt with Photo Catalytic Technology (PCT) that removes nitrogen oxides (NOx), volatile organic compounds (VOC), and other airborne vehicular exhaust pollutants. 
The solar-reflective top surface reduces heat absorption and related radiative forcing (RF) by materially reducing the convective re-release of UV radiation that would otherwise contribute to the heat island effect common in our urban centers. The chemistry also slows down pavement oxidation, thereby further extending the service life of treated surfaces. 

Pavement preservation is an important part of any infrastructure maintenance strategy. It involves a range of solutions that are designed to extend the life of pavement and protect it from damage. 

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