When Hurricane Ian struck in October 2022, first responders sprang into action forging a heroic
path towards recovery. Many of our valued customers and friends were in the direct path of that
perilous storm.

Pavement Technology, Inc. responded quickly. Employees, their families, friends and neighbors
gathered much-needed water, fuel, tarps, dry goods and supplies, delivering over 4,000 hot
meals to residents and first responders in Charlotte County, and the cities of Punta Gorda,
Englewood, and Boca Grande on Gasparilla Island.

A special thanks goes out to PTI Tampa Operations Manager Mike Faustini and his family and to
PTI Westlake Operations Manager Dave Clark and his family for coordinating this effort. Thanks
too to our new friends at BubbaQues-BBQ, Jason Kazbour and Jeff DeMott, for supplying the
food truck that allowed us to lend a hand to our Southwest Florida neighbors