For the transportation industry, extending the service life of roads, reducing vehicular emissions, and mitigating the effects of urban heat islands are critical components of environmental stewardship. In order for our roadway micro-environment to meet tomorrow’s zero-emission goals, we will need to deploy the latest advancements in pavement preservation and environmental resilience.

To this end, Pavement Technology, Inc. has been assisting agencies with state-of-the-art pavement preservation solutions for half a century. Our next-generation PlusTiTM family of smog-eating-road penetrants combines proven pavement preservation technology with photo-reactive materials capable of decomposing toxic mobile-sourced pollutants and creating solar-reflective “cool pavements.” These field- and laboratory-verified solutions deploy a photocatalytic process to transform asphalt and concrete pavements into air-purifying, heat-reducing change agents that preserve our roadways while improving the quality of life in our cities.

In real-world urban conditions, the PlusTiTM family of life-extending penetrants has demonstrated the ability to remove up to 60 percent of vehicular NOx and VOCs, while improving solar reflectance values by as much as four-fold. The result is an integrated approach to roadway asset management that significantly extends the surface life of asphalt and concrete pavements while providing road departments, urban planners, environmental engineers and sustainability managers with a proven, scalable and affordable way to aggressively reduce air pollution and battle extreme urban heat now. If you’ve been searching for “A Better Way to Get There,” you’ve found it!