JOINTBONDTi ® pollution-reducing longitudinal joint stabilizer is a polymerized emulsion using Maltene Replacement Technology (MRT) to penetrate the asphalt pavement, where it combines with the existing asphalt binder to extend the service life of longitudinal joints by inhibiting the intrusion of air, water and salt brine.

JOINTBONDTi joint stabilizer leaves behind a self-cleaning surface that removes nitrogen oxides (NOx), volatile organic compounds and other pollutants introduced into the atmosphere through vehicular exhaust. The air-purifying surface perpetually regenerates itself throughout the life of the pavement, contributing to compliance with U.S. EPA’s stringent new National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS).

JOINTBONDTi joint stabilizer is the ideal solution for new asphalt highway rumble strips and other critical joint areas for government agencies dealing with reduced budgets, deteriorating infrastructures and pollution concerns.

Tested and Proven

Durability and Performance of Titanium Dioxide in Photocatalytic Pavements

Evaluation of Titanium Dioxide as a Photocatalyst for Removing Air Pollutants

The “Laboratory Investigation of the Effect of TiO2 Topical Treatments on Concrete and Asphalt Samples,” conducted by Texas A&M Transportation Institute, examines the effectiveness of PTI’s titanium-oxide-enhanced chemistries, and is now complete. This study offers a general overview of the application of titanium dioxide (TiO2) to concrete and asphalt surfaces to impart air pollution remediation properties. It is available upon request.

JOINTBOND® White Paper