The PlusTi suite of pollution- and emissivity-reducing preservation products protect and upgrade all existing asphalt and concrete surface courses to transform airports into a much cleaner and cooler carbon footprint. This suite of climate-preemptive preservation solutions provides substantial reductions in airfield and roadway vehicular emissions and lowers transportation infrastructure emissivity.

PlusTi Ti-Intro CME® all-purpose penetrant is a retrofit solution that leverages your existing transportation infrastructure, using Photo Catalytic Technology (PCT) to reduce pavement emissivity, decrease airborne pollutants, and accelerate moisture dispersion on airfield runways, taxiways, concourse parking ramps, automotive access roads and parking infrastructures. 

PlusTi JOINTBONDTi® longitudinal joint stabilizer slows down oxidation using a combination of Maltene Replacement Technology (MRT) and PCT to extend the life of mission-critical longitudinal joints, contributing to the sustainability of asphalt surface courses while adding the environmental benefits of pollution-mitigating, cool-pavement technology. A standard MRT version of JOINTBOND® longitudinal joint stabilizer is also available. 

PlusTi Litho1000Ti® Concrete Sealer/Hardener protects the concrete surfaces of aging and newer concrete courses using a combination of a lithium silicate densifier and PCT. The concrete densifier reacts with hydrating cement to create an in-depth seal for long-lasting protection against freeze/thaw cycling and against water, salt and brine intrusion, while providing all the environmental benefits of PCT. Where pollution and heat mitigation and water dispersion are not concerns, a standard Litho1000® concrete sealer / hardener is also available. 

Pavement preservation solutions enhanced with PTI’s proprietary Photo Catalytic Technology contribute to funding eligibility from: 

  • Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ) through the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) 
  • Airport Carbon Accreditation certification program 
  • Voluntary Airport Low Emissions Program (VALE) through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Aviation Research Grants Program (FAA-12-01) and other federal grants 

Test data from Orlando International Airport is available upon request