JOINTBOND® longitudinal joint stabilizer is a polymerized emulsion using Maltene Replacement Technology (MRT) to deeply penetrate the asphalt pavement, where it combines with the existing asphalt binder to improve its viscosity, thereby extending the service life of longitudinal joints. JOINTBOND® stabilizer improves the chemistry of the in-place asphalt binder while adding a physical, in-depth seal to the construction joint area, inhibiting penetration by:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Salt brine

Rumble strips can be treated with JOINTBOND® joint stabilizer without obliterating existing striping or inhibiting the adhesion of new striping.

When JOINTBOND® stabilizer is applied in a pavement’s first year of service, it increases pavement density from two to three percent, protecting rumble strips and longitudinal joints by deeply penetrating a polymerized maltene-based emulsion in the areas surrounding construction joints.

Tested and Proven Applications

JOINTBOND® joint stabilizer is the ideal solution for highway rumble strips and other critical joint areas, providing government agencies with an added level of protection for asphalt pavements early in their life cycle.

Rumble Strip Pilot: MNDOT JOINTBOND® Longitudinal Joint Stabilizer Treatment

JOINTBOND® White Paper

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