Reclamite®1 asphalt rejuvenator is the original Maltene Replacement Technology (MRT) for restoring and preserving the durability of asphalt. Based on the innovative research of Witco Corporation’s Fritz Rostler, Reclamite rejuvenator restores the reactive maltene components that asphalt pavements lose due to hot-plant operations and the subsequent field aging process, penetrating the surface deeply to protect against air and water intrusion. PTI helped commercialize this technology and we have been perfecting its application in real-world conditions since 1972.

Unlike topical sealing products, Reclamite® Maltene Replacement Technology chemically adjusts the asphalt binder’s rheology, increasing penetration values while decreasing viscosity and corresponding DSR (Dynamic Shear Rheometer) values.

Reclamite® rejuvenator is the ideal solution for government agencies and private communities looking for a preservation solution and partner with 40+ years of proven performance, and the highest life-cycle return on their road preservation investment.

Tested and Proven

View the Charleston County Viscosity Charts

The viscosity and maltene distribution ratio of every job can be measured using standard testing procedures.

  1. Reclamite®is a registered trademark of Ergon, Inc.