Pavement Technology, Inc. has been committed to environmental stewardship through the introduction and application of sustainable roadway solutions since its founding in 1972. A scarcity of natural resources, climate disruptions and threats to our biologically diverse ecosystems are serious environmental concerns, which demand environmentally responsible solutions that balance the cost-efficiency requirements of the public sector with societal concerns for the health of our planet.

PTI partners with public works agencies, research institutions, environmental planners and community activists to address these challenges. We deploy advanced safety and regulatory training to ensure the welfare of our employees. We continually research opportunities to create and advance leading edge technologies on behalf of our public sector partners. Our fleet of distributor trucks is routinely upgraded to reduce emissions and manage idling, with the majority of our vehicles classed “Certified Clean Idle.”

The world’s original Maltene Replacement Technology (MRT) remains the flagship of our extensive offering of roadway solutions, notable for a sustainability profile that significantly extends the interval between inevitable road replacements, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of the transportation networks that use it.

More recently, we introduced the PlusTi™ family of heat- and pollution- reducing solutions for concrete and asphalt roads, which mitigate Urban Heat Island (UHI) in our cities while reducing mobile-sourced pollutants, extending roadway life and accelerating surface-moisture dispersion.

We are committed to:

  • Limiting our deployment of heavy equipment to project-based usage
  • Promoting fuel-efficient travel planning to further limit emissions
  • Upgrading our fleet to take advantage of advancements in fuel efficiency
  • Protecting our waterways and storm-water systems from potential ecological imbalances
  • Recycling wherever possible on job sites and throughout our operations
  • Using 100 percent American resources in the creation of our materials whenever possible
  • Promoting virtual communications to eliminate unnecessary travel-related fuel consumption and emissions
  • Creating and maintaining inclusive, people-centered work environments that honor the diversity of our people and provide the training necessary for vocational advancement
  • Fostering safe, high-quality supply chains that take an America-first approach to procurement

PTI remains committed to continually raising the performance bar on pavement preservation to meet the evolving needs of the public works professionals we serve and the sustainability aspirations of the communities who depend upon safe, environmentally responsible roadway solutions.