Local roads and highways require a significant investment to meet the transportation needs of our communities.

Road pavement preservation should always be top of mind to help extend the life of asphalt roads and make the best use of limited budgets.

Pavement Technology, Inc. has been caring for roadways for more than 50 years. We leverage the best solutions and offer exceptional products to take care of roads. Rejuvenating asphalt is the cornerstone competency on which our company was built. 

For example, we offer Reclamite® asphalt rejuvenator, the original Maltene Replacement Technology (MRT) for restoring and preserving the durability of asphalt. Based on the innovative research of Witco Corporation’s Fritz Rostler, Reclamite rejuvenator restores the reactive maltene components that asphalt pavements lose due to the high-temperature manufacturing process and subsequent field aging, penetrating the surface deeply to protect against air and water intrusion. 

Learn more about Reclamite rejuvenator and why it’s an outstanding option for government agencies and private communities that are responsible for achieving the highest life-cycle return on their road preservation investments. 

When you focus on pavement preservation, you are being proactive in maintaining your pavement. New construction will eventually be necessary. But properly treating roads can help you keep them in service and last as long as possible. 

Preservation is essential because roads will deteriorate the more they’re exposed to traffic (both volume and weight) and UV-related oxidation. In short, pavement preservation slows down the deterioration process. Why not keep your roads as safe as possible for as long as possible? 

We work closely with road departments daily to ensure that preservation projects match their long-term strategic goals. The projects are always well planned for each community, including timely resident notifications. Experienced crews combined with the proper treatments ensure success.  

Maximize your road maintenance budget by extending the service life of your roads. We would be happy to partner with you to address your road needs in a timely manner. Contact us today or call 1-800-333-6309.