Pavement longevity is critical for maximizing annual airport budgets. Safety is also paramount, as maintenance managers ensure airfield infrastructure and related areas remain in good shape for safe operation. In recent years, stakeholder environmental concerns have emerged as a third critical concern for airport administrators.  

Here is a brief look at a few airport life-cycle extension and carbon-management products that Pavement Technology, Inc. offers. 

PlusTi™ Ti-Intro CME® All-Surface Carbon and Pollutant Removal Technology  

PlusTi Ti-Intro CME penetrant is a retrofit solution that uses Photo Catalytic Technology (PCT) to remove airfield-borne carbon dioxide, decrease pollutants, reduce pavement emissivity, and accelerate moisture dispersion on airfield runways, taxiways, concourse parking ramps, automotive access roads, and parking infrastructures.  

PCT uses a titanium-dioxide photocatalyst that reduces surface heat radiation while destroying emissions-related carbon and pollutants (including airfield tire-wear debris, i.e., microplastics – MPP) – overall reducing the Heat Island Effect and improving air and groundwater quality.  

Every square yard of treated infrastructure removes over 12 kg CO2 per sq/yd per year. These treatments can be used ion both asphalt and concrete surfaces.  

JOINTBONDTi ® super-hydrophilic longitudinal joint stabilizer and ARA1-Ti asphalt rejuvenator  

  • PlusTiTM JOINTBONDTi stabilizer revitalizes and improves longitudinal joint density and seals other critical asphalt structures. The emulsion combines Maltene Replacement Technology (MRT) with Photo Catalytic Technology (PCT). 
  • ARA1-Ti is an MRT x PCT product that targets access roads and parking structures around the airport.  

Litho1000 Ti® concrete sealer/hardener  

Litho1000 Ti is a lithium-silicate sealer/hardener that seals and waterproofs concrete surfaces by significantly reducing the concrete’s permeability and sorptivity. It protects against the adverse effects of de-icing salts, freeze/thaw cycling, and marine environments. This product is also enhanced with PCT.   

To discuss your airport pavement preservation and airport carbon reduction goals and requirements, please contact us.