To rejuvenate asphalt pavement means to restore it to its original character. Lots of materials, from coal tars and emulsion sealers to today’s trendy biosolvents claim to rejuvenate. But genuine asphalt rejuvenation requires returning the precise maltene fractions that oxidation has removed from aging pavement.

Rejuvenators using Maltene Replacement Technology (MRT) deeply penetrate aging asphalt pavements with the same, molecularly compatible chemistries that oxidation has removed. MRT application benefits include:

Extending roadway service life by as much as two-fold by reversing the effects of oxidation related to the high temperatures used during the manufacturing of asphalt and prolonged UV exposure

Reversing the Heat Island Effect generated by modifications to the natural environment

Dramatically reducing carbon footprint by prolonging the intervals between rebuilds

Asphalt is a petroleum-based organic material that naturally deteriorates throughout its service life, first from the high temperatures of the manufacturing process, and later through continued exposure to sunlight, weather and traffic. Proactive preventative maintenance deployed at the top of the maintenance curve stretches the maintenance budgets of municipalities, counties, private communities, and state governments while conserving our natural resources.