When PTI Senior Supervisor Chuck McNamee is on the road with a crew… he pulls a topographical map of the destination’s best hiking places, packs his mountain bike into the trailer and spends any free time he has adventuring….

“One week we were doing work for ???? down near the Everglades. That’s beautiful country down there, so on my day off I headed out to the Panther wildlife refuge…Didn’t see any panthers, but there was a lot going on worth seeing.

“I was biking and there was a gator lying right across the path. He saw me coming and jumps right up on his back legs, leaping into the waterway alongside the path. Wish I had a photo of that one!

Another weekend I was down there just before the wildfires arrived. The drought had been so bad you could actually see the fish all congregated in the deepest part of the pool, just gulping for air, it was so hard for them to breathe.

The things you see in a wildlife refuge like this one are amazing and I never get tired of visiting this area.”