PTI Partnership with Raleigh NC Earns Cleantech Impact Award

Westlake, OH – The Research Triangle Cleantech Cluster (RTCC) recently awarded The City of Raleigh its Cleantech Impact Award in the Transportation category for its partnership with Pavement Technology, Inc. (PTI). Specifically cited was the City of Raleigh’s Pollution Remediation, Heat Island Reduction and Pavement Preservation project, which used PTI’s TiO2- enhanced PlusTi™ technology.

According to RTCC, “At the completion of the pilot project, treated roads showed a 37 percent reduction in nitrogen oxides, which are a type of roadway contaminant, and an average Solar Reflective Index (SRI) of 38.2—a nearly 400 percent improvement over the untreated locations.”

PTI technical representative Ken Holton, who recommended PTI’s PlusTi™ A.R.A.-1 Ti®, an asphalt rejuvenator / sealer for this project explains, “This TiO2-enhanced asphalt rejuvenator combines Maltene Replacement Technology (MRT) to revitalize and seal aging asphalt with Photo Catalytic Technology (PCT), which removes nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds and other airborne and vehicular pollutants. Raleigh was looking for a solution that would reduce not only pollution, but the heat island effect in the city. PlusTi™ A.R.A.-1 Ti® was a perfect fit.”

The company’s PlusTi™ asphalt rejuvenator increases the solar-reflective index of the top surface, reducing heat absorption and related radiative forcing (RF) by materially reducing the convective re-release of UV radiation that would otherwise contribute to the heat island effect common in our urban centers. The chemistry also slows down pavement oxidation, thereby further extending the service life of treated surfaces.

According to Michael Durante, PTI’s vice president of finance & strategic planning, “The PlusTi™ family of pavement life-extending, environmentally responsible penetrants assist communities with compliance with the U.S. EPA’s stringent National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS), and in earning the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED V.4 Heat Island Reduction credits, providing our communities with a robust and realistic path toward meeting the challenges of climate change in our built environment.”

RTCC is a collaborative effort on the part of businesses, government, academics and non-profits committed to accelerating the growth of a “cleantech” economy in North Carolina’s Research Triangle region. The GCCA has been working to accelerate a worldwide transition to cooler, healthier cities since 2010.

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