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David Helm helps public works agencies extend the service life of their pavements. With over 45 years of industry experience, Dave has been representing Pavement Technology, Inc. for 36 years.

Road Pavement Preservation Planning Should Focus on Performance

Posted on: 13 Sep 2021

Accomplishing roadway rehab projects is a major effort that requires a laser-like focus on funding options and design deadlines. It’s as though the construction is almost academic compared to all the heavy lifting you have to do to get your project completed.   Road pavement design focuses on drainage and the thickness and strength of the materials. Simply build it “to spec” and all is well (hopefully).   Another important factor in achieving long-term pavement performance […]

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Asphalt Maintenance Questions and Answers

Posted on: 28 Apr 2021

A community’s asphalt road network is a high-profile service item for everyone involved in running a public agency. In fact, roads are the most expensive asset an agency typically owns. The work, money and effort put into completing paving and rehabilitation projects represent a meaningful accomplishment.  All involved in creating these projects rightly take great […]

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Asphalt Surface Treatment: Methods for Preserving and Extending Pavement Life

Posted on: 20 Oct 2020

If your community has spent a fortune over the years rehabilitating roads, you understand the work involved in creating and bringing road improvement projects to completion. Much of the heavy lifting is done in planning, from finding the funding to specifying a project’s parameters. Then, finally, the new ribbon of asphalt is installed and construction is completed! Our […]

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Road Pavement Preventive Maintenance Plan

Posted on: 13 Apr 2020

How long should my road paving last? How long a road should last and how long it actually holds up can be two different experiences. From those we surveyed on this question, the answers were all over the map. We heard answers on roadway longevity ranging from 10 to 25 years, with higher traffic roads […]

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