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Tom Donegan

Daytona Beach, FL

Posted on: 03 May 2019

One weekend, while stationed at a job site in Florida, PTI crew member Tom Donegan and Supervisor Norm Sabol spent their entire weekend at the beach, getting up early, putting on lots of sun block, and heading for the sun.

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Smoky Mountains, NC

Posted on: 01 May 2019

PTI Supervisor Norm Sabol and crew member Tom Donegan are friends as well as co-workers. On their time off, they love to go hiking. According to both men, the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina are an ideal spot for a weekend adventure.

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Charlotte County, FL – Port Charlotte

Posted on: 29 Apr 2019

According to PTI crew member, Tom Donegan, the beaches at Port Charlotte are an ideal location for after-work summer trekking. He jokingly refers to himself as a proud member of “The Gentlemen’s Adventure Club,” and frequently invites other crew members to join him exploring in their off hours.

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Charlotte County, FL

Posted on: 27 Apr 2019

Most people think of Port Charlotte FL, with its mile-after-mile of beautiful waterways, a popular tourist attraction. But for some friendly critters, it’s much more than that; it’s home.

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