Happy Earth Week 2021! Climate change is not a singular problem. It is a set of complex problems ranging from air and water quality to urban heat and more.  It affects socioeconomic constructs – from where and how we live, to what obstacles remain for less advantaged groups. 

These problems will require an array of diverse viewpoints, creativity and innovation to solve.  

Changes in how we design, build, preserve and even view infrastructure will play a critical role in implementing the solutions.

Pavement Technology, Inc. was started in the wake of the first Earth Day by my father and grandfather to promote sustainable pavements.  Nearly fifty years later, our pavement preservation technologies are widely used because they reduce road rebuilds by half a cycle to a full cycle and often longer.  

Today, our revolutionary Photo Catalytic Technology solutions for pavement preservation not only help roads last a lot longer; they also:

  • Eliminate vehicular pollution
  • Reflect heat to mitigate the Urban Heat Island effect
  • Decompose roadway microplastics
  • Provide a super-hydrophilic surface that dissipates surface moisture more rapidly

Many view the transportation challenges related to climate change as an intractable problem. But what if we could flip the script and turn our vast transportation infrastructure into a weapon against climate change?  Pavement Technology not only has this on our minds, but it is also now in our practice.  

Being in the pavement business, one of our favorite metaphors is where is the road taking you?   If you are asking us today, it is taking us to a cleaner, healthier, happier and more productive place, one smog-eating road at a time.