There are beaches….and then there are beaches. Jekyll Island was once named by Architectural Digest “the most beautiful small town in America.” With that kind of reputation, it’s no surprise that PTI’s Senior Supervisor Chuck McNamee found his way there when passing through the area.

“I was driving a brand new truck down to our crew in Tampa, when the darn thing broke down in Georgia. I ended up having to loan a car from a dealership, while I hung around Georgia until the malfunctioning part got replaced.

“Well I made sure to get myself a large car so I could fold the seats down and take my bike and some coolers out to explore a bit. I set out for Jekyll Island State Park, and just about the first thing I see is this dream catcher in the brush. I don’t really know how it started, but everybody who goes by it leaves a trinket of some sort. It looks like it’s been decorated for years, and I was feeling the need to add to the collection.

“There was plenty more to see too. Stumps like this one where the driftwood had landed on the beach and been bleached white from the winds and the sand and the water blowing in off the Atlantic. There was just no way I was going to sit around in a hotel room playing video games while they fixed our truck when there were places like this to see.”