Surf-Crete™ multi-purpose resurfacer is a polymer which, when mixed with water, cement and sand, becomes a highly workable resurfacing agent that will stick to virtually anything, with a bond strength only limited by the strength and bonding capabilities of the substrate to which it is applied.


All PTI concrete resurfacers can be post-treated with our proprietary titanium-dioxide-based technology to help reduce pollution related to vehicle-exhaust emissions.


Tested and Proven

Testing for this product was performed under its original trade name and is available for review by contacting your local PTI sales representative.


Surf-Crete™ multi-purpose resurfacer is the ideal solution for bridges, airport pavements and other horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces requiring effective waterproofing and/or resurfacing prep for subsequent adhesive or coating applications.


Surf-Crete PTI Product Data Sheet


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