Pavement Technology, Inc. invites you to consider adding these tools to your road maintenance and preservation toolbox.

Our Products

Reclamite® maltene replacement asphalt rejuvenator

A.R.A. –1 Ti® pollution-reducing maltene-based polymerized rejuvenating seal

JOINTBOND®  maltene replacement longitudinal joint stabilizer

JOINTBOND Ti®   maltene-replacing pollution-reducing longitudinal joint stabilizer

Litho1000® concrete sealer/hardener

Litho1000Ti® pollution-reducing concrete sealer/hardener

Surf-Crete™ multi-purpose resurfacer

DUST BOND® dust suppressant and soil stabilizer

Coherex® dust suppressant and soil stabilizer

C-23®  maltene-replacing restorative asphalt seal

CRF® maltene-replacing restorative asphalt seal

Cyclogen® recycling agents

We also invite your inquiries about our proprietary pollution-reducing photocatalytic treatment process for a variety of applications.

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  1. Reclamite® is a registered trademark of Ergon, Inc.
  2. Coherex® is a registered trademark of Tricor Refining, LLC
  3. CRF® is a registered trademark of Tricor Refining, LLC
  4. Cyclogen® is a registered trademark of Tricor Refining, LLC